Highest Satisfaction

Awarded to the library with the highest percentage of satisfied users.

With 96.5% of users willing to use it again, Jest proves it’s not kidding around.


2. Express 94.3%
3. GraphQL 94.2%

Highest Interest

Awarded to the technology developers are most interested in learning.

87.7% of developers who have heard about GraphQL want to learn it. That’s some serious interest!


2. Storybook 79.6%
3. Electron 77.5%

Most Mentioned

Awarded to the library mentioned the most in the “other libraries” answer.

VueX collected 719 mentions, making it the most submitted freeform answer by far.


2. Cypress 382
3. Hapi 349

Most Used

Awarded to technology with the largest user base.

With 14417 users React is the most used library this year.


2. Express 13532
3. Angular 11643

Prediction Award

Awarded to an up-and-coming technology that might take over… or not?

The Facebook team is two for two with React and GraphQL. Will Reason follow the same path?


2. Svelte
3. Parcel

Special Award

Awarded to a technology that we just fell in love with this year.
?1VsVS Code

VS Code has become the leading JavaScript text editor, and we can definitely see why!


2. Storybook
3. Next.js