JavaScript is always changing. New libraries, new frameworks, new languages… It's part of the fun, but it can also feel overwhelming sometimes.

That's where the State of JavaScript survey comes in: this year, we surveyed over 20,000 JavaScript developers to figure out what they're using, what they're happy with, and what they want to learn. And the result is a unique collection of stats and insights that will hopefully help you make your own way through the JavaScript ecosystem.

If you want to learn more about what's new this year, check out our announcement post for more details.


We figure a lot of you are checking out this survey to help you figure out what to learn next. So we've included links to useful JavaScript resources throughout the survey to help point you in the right direction.

Full disclosure: some of them are paid sponsorships, but no matter what they're all high-quality resources from people we know and respect who have decided to support our project.


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Be sure to check out my React/GraphQL JavaScript framework, Vulcan.js, Raphael's React data visualization library Nivo.js, and Michael's JavaScript library directory Best of JS.

Download Our Data

You can download the data for this survey. Let us know if you end up making your own data visualizations!

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The site is set in IBM Plex Mono. Fire gif borrowed from Animal Jam. Questions? Feedback? Want access to the raw data? Get in touch!

And now, let's see what JavaScript has been up to this year!

P.S. We put a lot of work and care into this year's site, so please don't go clicking around breaking things!

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