After all is said and done, it looks like 2018 was mostly a continuation of the trends we already observed last year.

That's bad news for us, because we can't come out with a big scoop on how React's days are numbered, or the next big thing is this new state management library created by a 17-year-old high-schooler in her spare time.

But that's great news for you, because it means you can spend less time worrying about what to use, and more time actually using it!

Things might get shaken up again in 2019 though. While all is currently calm on the front-end front, the question of how you get data from the database to the client is far from settled, and GraphQL is sure to start making bigger and bigger waves in that area. As GraphQL-tailored solutions emerge for both the back-end and the state management layer, we might soon feel the JavaScript ground shifting beneath our feet once more.

But for now, no need to panic. There's never been a better time to be a JavaScript developer than now, and we're willing to bet that 2019 will make that even clearer!