Quadrant Chart

Quadrant Chart

This chart shows each technology’s satisfaction ratio over its total usage.

Additionally, technologies that have an interest ratio (percentage of non-users interested in learning it) over 50% are displayed as “on fire”.

AssessAvoidAdoptAnalyze91%RReact41%NgAngular45%EmEmber46%PoPolymer91%VVue.js83%PrPreact0.02.0k4.0k6.0k8.0k10k12k14k16k0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%Satisfaction %Users
Assess: Low usage, high satisfaction. Technologies worth keeping an eye on.
Adopt: High usage, high satisfaction. Safe technologies to adopt.
Avoid: Low usage, low satisfaction. Technologies probably best avoided currently.
Analyze: High usage, low satisfaction. Reassess these technologies if you're currently using them.


Once again the front-end space is all about React and Vue.js. Vue's story in particular is worth considering: two years ago, 27% of respondents had never even heard of the library. Today, that fraction has fallen to just 1.3%! So while React still has a much larger share of the market, Vue's meteoric rise certainly shows no sign of stopping. In fact, Vue has already overtaken its rival for certain metrics such as total GitHub stars.

The other story of those past couple years is the fall of Angular. While it still ranks very high in terms of raw usage, it has a fairly disappointing 41% satisfaction ratio. So while it probably isn't going anywhere thanks to its large user base, it's hard to see how it will ever regain its place atop the front-end throne.

Finally, keep an eye out for Svelte. By using a radical new approach to front-end frameworks, it's managed to generate quite a lot of interest and was by far the most mentioned option in our "Other Tools" category.

Update: many people have pointed out that Angular's poor satisfaction ratio is probably in part due to the confusion between Angular and the older, deprecated AngularJS (previous surveys avoided this issue by featuring both as separate items). So while Angular did “fall” –relatively speaking– from its dominance from a few years back, it might very well regain ground once the dust clears.