Quadrant Chart

Quadrant Chart

This chart shows each technology’s satisfaction ratio over its total usage.

Additionally, technologies that have an interest ratio (percentage of non-users interested in learning it) over 50% are displayed as “on fire”.

AssessAvoidAdoptAnalyze38%MeMeteor94%ExExpress88%NxNext.js85%KoKoa28%SaSails69%FeFeathersJS0.02.0k4.0k6.0k8.0k10k12k14k0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%Satisfaction %Users
Assess: Low usage, high satisfaction. Technologies worth keeping an eye on.
Adopt: High usage, high satisfaction. Safe technologies to adopt.
Avoid: Low usage, low satisfaction. Technologies probably best avoided currently.
Analyze: High usage, low satisfaction. Reassess these technologies if you're currently using them.


JavaScript on the server is in a weird state. While countless frameworks emerge every year, very few manage to gain enough momentum to challenge Express. Even Koa, sometimes billed as Express' successor, has a lower satisfaction ratio (and vastly lower usage numbers).

One interesting entrant in the space is Next.js, which has been generating a lot of interest lately. Although it's not quite comparable to a full-featured Node back-end, its single-minded focus on solving the server-side-rendering problem for React apps has made it a very useful tool.

It's also interesting to see what role serverless technologies like AWS Lambda will play over the next couple of years. Who knows, the back-end category as we know it might soon be a thing of the past!